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healthy alkaline water

Alkaline Water Club

Hydratation. Alkaline. Antioxidant.

At Eli Ashby Healing Arts Center we have an amazing new AlkaViva H2 Series Ionizer. What is this you ask? This system is alkaline and ionized making our water rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that help you to alkalize and maintain a healthy pH balance. This water is also an antioxidant. Well, actually it is the ULTIMATE antioxidant! The H2 in the UltraWater selectively targets only the damaged radical instead of targeting both the beneficial and harmful radicals. 

The H2 in this water neutralizes damaging oxygen radicals, thus creating H2O, which increases cellular hydration. Additionally, since this water neutralizes damaged radicals, it can actually ease chronic aches and pains. Alkaline/Ionized/H2 Enhanced water helps to increase ATP production. This results in more energy and decreased lactic acid levels, which improves performance and recovery.

$48/month unlimited water


$24/month for current members

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