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Therapeutic Massage:

60 min. $85

75 min. $105

90 min. $135

120 min. $165

Hot Stone and Reiki Massage:

$10 add on 

Reiki Session:

60 min. $85

75 min. $105

90 min. $135

120 min. $165


Past Life Regression :

120 min. $250 


Akashic Record Reading:

60 Minute session $120

Spiritual Response Therapy:  

$2 min. Minimum 30 min.


Crystal Healing & Spiritual Restructuring: 


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Detox/Immune Boosting Treatments

Infraslim-Body Contouring System                                                  $85

Ionic Foot Bath                                                                                   $75

Aroma-Dome Aromatherapy                                                           ​​$110

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Therapeutic Massage

Reset and Heal

Including Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial, Prenatal, Healing Stone, Applied Kinesiology/Meridian Massage and Sports Massage.



Healing Your Entire Body

Reiki For Well-Being is a form of energy work that induces a deep state of relaxation. It is known to reduce pain, anxiety while improving and sleep and vitality.


Crystal Healing w/Spiritual Restructuring

Healing Your Entire Body

This amethyst crystal bed heats up to create far infrared and negative ions which create the following benefits: improves the immune system, removes toxins, burns calories and controls weight, relieves pain, reduces stress and fatigue, eases joint pain and stiffness and accelerates mental, emotional and spiritual clarity.  A session includes Spiritual Restructuring/Zero Point Field Energy balancing.


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Balance Your Energies

Spiritual Response Therapy, an innovative form of healing that can produce more inner-peace, greater inner-harmony and more positive interactions in our relationships with ourselves as well as those around us. Working with the Akashic record, most SRT includes clearing of past/parallel lives.


 Akashic Records Readings

Relax & Rest

The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. The practitioner uses a pathway prayer to access information from the Lords of the Records, Masters, Teachers & Past Loved Ones. The client receives a printed copy of the session. "The Akashic Records contain everything that every soul has ever thought, said and done over the course of its existence, as well as all its future possibilities. This valuable information can help you with any aspect of your life journey.


Past Life Regression

Balance Your Energies

Many blocks and interferences to happiness, health and general well-being can be addressed when we become aware of the root cause of our issues.  Explore your past with ease and safety in this 90 minute session designed for personal empowerment. 


90 min. session- $120


Infra-Slim: Body Contouring System

Special: First Season$179 

Studies show that infrared heat quickly and painlessly penetrates the body and heats from the inside out. This process shows that when fat cells are heated they will expand, causing them to temporarily open and expel fat and toxins.This process is known as lipolysis. When the fat cells empty they shrink, thus leaving a flatter waist, tummy, thighs, buttocks and arms.

This process, combined with the pressure therapy, helps move the fat into the lymphatic system and to the liver, where it is metabolized by the body and discharged via bowel movements, perspiration, urine, and other forms of detoxification.

The pressure is designed to simulate a massage that reaches below the surface of the skin. In infrared pressure therapy each cuff of the suit will fill with air, sending a light pressure and increasing circulation to all areas of the body. This system of compression and decompression duplicates the action of massage.

Studies have shown that a reduction of 1-3 inches in the waistline is possible in as little as 1 to 2 sessions, and as much as 4-5 inches overall in 4 sessions. All inches lost will be fat lost as shown on the body composition scale.

Participants also report a noticeable reduction in pain, an increase in energy and a general feeling of wellness.


Ionic Foot Bath

Relax & Rest

Toxins are often an underlying problem that can disturb the body's function and cause some health problems. Toxins and waste that the body fails to neutralize and eliminate get back into the system. It is especially effective for detoxing heavy metals like Mercury and brings to balance the body's PH level that brings the body back into a healthy state. The Ionic Foot Bath also neutralizes free radicals that can cause damage to the body cells. It stimulates the circulation and metabolism thus accelerating the body's natural detoxification. 

How does it work?

The foot bath is filled with salt water and an electrical current, a convertor (array) is placed in the water. When turned on, the control unit delivers a small direct current into the array, which causes the array metals, in combination with the water and salt, to generate positively and negatively charged ions. These ions neutralize charged particles in the body.

The neutralized particles are pulled out of the body through the skin via osmosis and diffusion.


$65 for a one hour session

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