Rezenerate NanoFacial – Where holistic beauty meets technology!

Rezenerate facials are a more holistic alternative to micro needling, resulting in a less invasive procedure with zero pain and discomfort, and zero downtime.

Rezenerate acts as an infusion catalyst, providing a deeper infusion of products and serums, with increased efficacy. Rezenerate utilizes the breakthrough science of Nano-Technology, the pressure points of Acupressure, Facial Exercises, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy to deliver an extremely effective treatment.


Single Treatment: $125

Series of 4: $440 (save $60)

Series of 6: $670 (save $80)

* We recommend a series of 4 or 6 Rezenerate treatments, spaced 2 weeks apart, and followed up with monthly facials, to achieve maximum results and benefits.

What a Rezenerate Facial can correct:

Fine lines and wrinkles


Sunspots and age spots

Oily skin or dry skin

What to expect after a Rezenerate facial:

Days 0-2: an instant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, the skin will be tighter, firmer, and plumper and for the following 48 hours the skin will look radiant and years younger.

Days 3-5: the skin may feel extremely dry, as the top outermost layer of the stratum corneum experiences a gentle delayed micro peel, and a new layer of stratum corneum forms beneath.

Days 5-7: you may experience a tighter, more evenly toned and textured layer of stratum corneum come to the surface. (Note: many longer-term improvements develop over time and after a series of Rezenerate facials – especially when used in conjunction with high quality professional and homecare products like Rhonda Allison).