The Freedom Path: Clear Your Soul Records

The Freedom Path: Clear Your Soul Records

Spiritual Response Therapy works directly with the Soul Records to identify, clear, and replace discordant programs from this life and past lives.

In this unique volume Robert E. Detzler presents a step-by-step process to:

• Use a pendulum and special charts to work with your High Self

• Access your own subconscious programs and harmful energies

• Replace them with positive programs to clear your Soul Records


In The Freedom Path, Clear Your Soul Records, you can do your own work to bring about positive change in your own mental, emotional, and physical well-being. You can also assist family, friends, and others to bring about dramatic changes in their lives.


Robert E. Detzler is an experienced teacher, counselor, and minister. Robert has lectured and taught throughout the United States and in foreign countries. He frequently conducted workshops to train students how to use the Spiritual Response Therapy system for replacing Soul energies that may be blocking and limiting them.


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