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Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

LDM is a very light touch modality, working with your lymphatic flow to decrease swelling and flush toxins. Most sessions are done entirely face up with focused treatment to the neck and torso.Your lymphatic flow is very subtle and also lies very close to the surface in most areas so sensing it requires a very light touch. Your therapist is feeling and following the rate and direction of your flow, addressing any sluggish areas and redirecting unhealthy flow patterns. Integrated into a soft tissue massage, your therapist is draining off inflamed lymphatic or interstitial fluid (this requires a slightly heavier touch) to decrease nerve pain and fluid pressure on an affected muscle.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be helpful with....

  • Decrease swelling and bruising, decrease scarring, and flush toxins introduced by anesthesia, antibiotics, and/or pain meds post surgery.

  • When dealing with edema, usually characterized by overall puffiness and sensitive nerves.

  • Ongoing digestive issues. 

  • Supporting the immune system.

  • Menstrual pain and/or sleeplessness. 

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