The Labor of Love Mask Project

is our way of helping our community and giving back to seniors in our area.  I made my first mask on March 17, 2020 and to date have made over 1,500 with the help of my daughters Aubrey and Carly donating more than half of those.  

Our design as evolved over the past year and now features an aluminum nose band for better fit, adjustable straps, three layers of cotton and an inner pocket for the carbon filters we include with each mask.   We even offer a beard mask that allows guys to continue to wear a beard and stay safe. 

We have been selling the masks and using the proceeds to purchase more materials to make masks to donate. We have partnered with the Arvada Fire Department as well as senior living facilities in our area to help get the masks in the hands of the seniors in our community. 

Levi, our infamous Golden Retriever has been lending a paw and helping us to safely deliver masks while practicing social distancing. 

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