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Laci Garst

Licensed Esthetician

Laci uses an integrated approach to skin care that combines holistic and conventional methods for optimal results. Holistically, she understands that our skin is a reflection of our inner health, intimately connected to all major functions, including the immune, respiratory, circulatory, lymph, and neurotransmitter systems. In other words, caring for oneself on one or all of these levels will improve the health of the skin. Laci believes that skin care regimens work best when they are part of a healthy lifestyle supported by diet, exercise, and contemplative practice. Each of these factors helps to reconnect us with our natural rhythms, and have a profound effect on skin health. Conventionally, she understands that everyone has different skin (and different relationships to their skin). She believes that one’s beauty and skin care regimen should be flexible and evolve with one’s own needs, fluctuating with nature and life changes. 

Laci received her esthetician certification from Emily Griffith Technical College and holds a Colorado license in Esthetics. She is a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals.  Laci also holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Women’s Studies from the University of Wyoming and The Ohio State University, with a concentration in women’s health.